Tenerife is served by two airports: Tenerife Norte (IATA: TFN)  in La Laguna, in the north of the island, and Tenerife Sur (IATA: TFS) in the south.

Tenerife Sur TFS is the closest to the MCS11 venue. We advise you to fly into Tenerife Sur TFS if possible. The best way to get from Tenerife Sur TFS to the MCS11 hotels is by taxi. A taxi ride should take about 20 minutes (more at peak times) and cost about 30 euro.

Tenerife Norte TFN is about 90 km from the MCS11 hotels. A taxi ride should take about one hour and cost around 90 euro. Buses run between Tenerife Norte TFN and Los Cristianos in the South where you can take a taxi to the MCS11 hotels. Note however that buses are not frequent at certain times, such as late in the evening.

Note that the often-used IATA-code TCI is the location identifier for the island, and therefore it does not indicate whether you are flying to TFS or to TFN; please make sure that your destination is TFS (Tenerife Sur) if this is what you intended.

At the time of the MCS11 Tenerife will be in the Western European Summer Time zone (GMT+01:00). This is the same time zone as Portugal and the UK, and one hour behind the Central European Summer Time zone of peninsular Spain and most of central Europe.

Car rental is relatively inexpensive in Tenerife, and is a practical solution if you intend to move around a lot.

Traffic however can be slow in the South at peak hours, and free car parking may be scarce in the vicinity of the MCS11 hotels, particularly at weekends.

public bus company operates a network of routes between the island main towns and attractions.